The Network Rail Archive

You can use this catalogue to search and access records held by our Corporate Archive.

To start your search, click on the search tab above. From that page you can do a simple search or choose an advanced or expert search on the left hand menu. You can find help at each stage by clicking the ? button.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate researchers at our records centre, however we will continue to make as much of our history available to you as we can by adding items to this online catalogue for you to search and access.

Our historical engineering collection contains drawings that date from the very earliest days of the railway and represent the development of our railway infrastructure.

Our corporate archive contains publications that demonstrate Network Rail’s governance, operation and development of our railway infrastructure since 2002.

Not all of our archive is available on our online catalogue yet and there are some records that will be subject to closure periods.

If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us at: